Contact Record Overview

Add Contacts

Click "Add a contact" button to enter your contacts details, including First Name, Last Name, email, phone, and "Contact Type".

To find out more information for adding a contact click here and to find out more information regarding the "Contact Type" click here.

Contact Sections

Click on the icons to navigate to the various sections of the contact record. Each section is explained below.

Contact Activity

Every contact record displays an "activity stream" that shows all of the communication events that have taken place recently. The activity stream includes, tasks, notes, emails and appointments. You can keep scrolling down on the page to reveal the complete activity history of the contact.


Click the Details button to view all of the contact record information and to add or change values in the contact record. To help keep the details page clean and easy-to-read, only fields with values are shown. For example, if the contact does not have a value in the "Company" field, then the Company field will be hidden.

To add or edit values in the contact record, click the Add or edit details button. You will now have access to all available contact record fields. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the contact and click Customize contact details to create or edit custom fields.

Click Save when you are done editing the contact record details.

Birthday Field

To enter a contact’s birth year into the contact record, simply type in the desired year, or use the up and down arrows to select it.

 Click "Add or edit details" on contact record.


Scroll all the way down to  "Additional Info", the last field to the right is where the Birthday Field is located. 

Click into the birthday field and see a date picker appear.  You can click the up and down arrows on the year to increment it or simply type in the correct year!


This is simply a text area for jotting down a quick note on the contact record.


You can add a task on the contact record and it will show up in your task list on the home page dashboard. By default, completed tasks are hidden, but you click the Show completed button to unhide completed tasks.


You can add an appointment directly from the contact record as well. Just click the Add appointment button and fill out the appointment details.


Send customized emails directly from your contact record. Add attachments, sign off with your personalized signature, and use the rich text editor to format the email. To find out more click here


You can upload files to a contact record as long as they don't exceed 10MB in size. Once uploaded, you can click on the file name to rename it, click the download icon to download the file to your computer or click the Remove link to delete it.


The Campaigns section lets you see what campaign sequences the contact is active in as well all any upcoming campaign events. You can also quickly add the contact to a specific campaign sequence from here as well as push or cancel an individual campaign event.


Tags are marketing labels that are applied to contact records. Tags are one of the most powerful segmentation tools in Infusionsoft. Tags segment your contacts into very specific lists so that you can send more targeted marketing messages to those contacts.  Within the contact records you can:

  1. Click "Tags"
  1. Search existing tags
  2. Quickly apply a tag or multiple tags. Just start typing the tag name and click it from the drop-down box
  3. Or you can click "Add" to create a new tag

  1. Click Apply tags to Name.


If you are processing payments, this tab will house the purchase history. You can also manually add payments,  create and track invoices, and create and track Quotes. To learn more click here