New Infusionsoft mobile app FAQs

What is the Infusionsoft app?

  • The Infusionsoft app is a new native mobile application for iOS devices allowing Infusionsoft users to manage their business on the go.

  • We built this app from the ground up modernizing the user experience and rethinking how we enable you, the small business owner, to handle your customer’s needs and information on the go. 

I found two apps available for Infusionsoft 

One is called “Infusionsoft Mobile” and the other is called “Infusionsoft.” What’s the difference?

  • There are two versions of Infusionsoft that users can use on their desktop: Current and Classic.

    • Infusionsoft” is for the current version of Infusionsoft
    • Infusionsoft Mobile” is for the classic version of Infusionsoft.

  • Not sure which version of Infusionsoft you have? Check the images below for reference: 

Why is the existing mobile app not being replaced with the new one? 

  • There are features in the classic version of the Infusionsoft Mobile app that we do not yet have on the new Infusionsoft app. We do not want to negatively impact your experience by replacing the classic app and therefore removing valuable features to help you manage your business on the go.

Will the Classic Mobile App get feature updates? 

  • We do not have current plans to add new features to the classic mobile app but we will continue to support the app and resolve any bugs that come up.

Will the new app be available for current and Classic Infusionsoft users? 

  • The new mobile app will ONLY be available for users of the current version of Infusionsoft. We are focusing our development efforts towards features that will only be supported in this version allowing us to create a focused product that helps you manage your business on the go.

  • Classic Infusionsoft users that download the new app will get directed to use or download the classic mobile app.

Will I be able to use both the classic and the new mobile apps at the same time? 

  • If you’re using the current version of Infusionsoft, download the new mobile app. While you can still download and use both versions we recommend using the new mobile app to match your experience on the web.

  • Classic Infusionsoft users will ONLY be able to use the classic mobile app.

I noticed there is no Android version. When will that get released?

  • We are hard at work to get the Android version of the new app released sometime in late 2018.

Who is it for?

  • This new Infusionsoft app is great for business that have high-ticket services and high-touch with their clients. Here are examples of verticals that will find our app valuable:

    • Real estate

    • Legal

    • Business consultants

    • Contracting services

  • These types of businesses handle customer needs and information on the go. They use notes to keep track of important commitments and details about their customers. They use tasks to follow up on customer needs. They rely heavily on the relationships they build with their customers to grow their business.

My business doesn’t fit any of those verticals, will this app still work for me? 

  • Yes absolutely! Many users will still find this new app valuable even if your business is not a high-ticket and high-touch service based business.

  • We are working towards adding features that all types of business will get value from.

What features are being released? 

  • Show all contacts in app

    • Add a new contact 

    • Search for your contacts by first name, and last name

  • Show a contact record

    • View contact activity like emails you’ve sent, campaigns they got added to, tasks created, notes created, and webforms filled out. 

    • Edit and view your contact’s details

    • Call your contact - this will use your mobile device’s phone number

    • Text your contact - this will use your mobile device’s phone number

    • Email contact - this will use Infusionsoft’s email service

    • Add and view the notes you created for a contact

    • Add and view the tasks you created  contact tasks

  • Tasks

    • Add, edit, and view your tasks

  • Push Notifications

  • Biometric login

    • Log in using Apple’s Face ID® or Touch ID®

Why does the new mobile app not have  ________ feature even though the classic mobile app has it?

  • Heavy user research was done to understand how small business owners manage their business on the go. We see the start of this with handling customer needs and information on the go. By allowing you to easily add contacts, view contact activity, communicate with your customers, save contact notes, and create and complete tasks we can help solve the foundation of managing your business on the go.

  • We will implement features in future versions of this mobile apps as we continue our research to understand how we can help small business owners manage their business on the go through a simple and intuitive mobile experience.

How can I get access to this new app? 

I have feedback about the app who can I share it with? 

  • We love customer feedback! We’ve created an easy way to share your ideas or report issues. Simply tap on the “More” section of the app. On there you will see a Feedback option. Type your message and away it goes! This feedback will go directly to the product development team that made and is continuing to improve this app. Tell us what’s not working, what’s working well, what you wish we added, what you dislike, and what you like.

  • We welcome and want to hear your feedback. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We live for this and we want to create the best mobile app for you, the small business owner, so we can help you accomplish your dreams!

When will you release feature ________? 

  • Below you will see a list of upcoming features that we’re working on.

How do I do _______ in the app? 

  • Here’s the link to our support articles for the mobile: Click here You can find all the how-to’s for the app.

Can I import contacts stored on my device? 

  • In the first release of this app you cannot import your contacts from your device. We are working on releasing that feature in future versions of the app.

Can I view my contact’s custom fields? 

  • In the first release of this app you cannot view your contact’s custom fields. We are working on releasing that feature in future versions of the app.

Feature comparison of the current Infusionsoft mobile app versus classic Infusionsoft mobile app, (September 2018 release):


Infusionsoft (current)

Infusionsoft Mobile (classic)

View, add, edit contacts

Call and text contact record

Email contact record


View, create and update contact Notes

View, create and complete Tasks

Push notifications for Task reminders


Biometric login


View contact record activity


Apply, remove, create tags


Snap business card reader

Create and view orders


Accept payments


View and manage opportunities


*Email contact record will go through Infusionsoft which will allow users to view open rate in a future release.


Features coming soon:


Infusionsoft (current)

Infusionsoft Mobile (classic)

Apply, remove, create tags

View your saved contact lists


See email history for a contact


Multiple contact delete, or apply tags


View and update custom fields


Import your contacts saved on your device