Smart Lists - Auto Segment Contacts

Smart lists are useful lists that get populated automatically. Some lists will have action recommendations available to them. This saves you time by seeing your contacts organized into useful lists, such as Email Typo's, Likely to Open, and Clean List.

Smart List Types

  1. Email Address Typo - Flags contacts with bad email addresses, example: “”. This makes them available for editing.

  2. Likely to Open - Lists contacts with 75% likelihood to open email (based on our algorithms).  Note: List will change based on factors like date of last email send

  3. Clean List - Shows contacts with no engagement ever (e.g. no opens and or incorrect email addresses).  In these case, you might want to remove/update the email address and try a different communication tactic.

Note: More lists will be introduced as the feature evolves through suggestion and usage.

Steps to locate Smart Lists

  1. Navigate to the Contacts page

    smart lists

  2. Under the "Contact lists" header will be the "Smart Lists" area. Click the carrot located in the top left corner to collapse.



What are Smart Lists?
Smart Lists intelligently organize and present your contacts in unique, actionable groups.

Where will these Smart Lists appear? 
On the Contacts page at the top.

What types of Smart Lists are available?
We’ve started by building three Smart Lists (with plans to add more in the future). For more information, click here

Do I have to turn Smart Lists on, sign up for them, or activate them? 
No, up to 3 Smart Lists will appear above the Contacts on the Contacts page.

What if I don’t want to use or see the Smart Lists? Can I remove them?
You can’t remove the Smart Lists completely from the view, and you don’t have to use them.

Can I favorite or “star” a smart list to keep that particular list on my Contacts page permanently? 
Not currently.  Lists can be removed or replaced at any time, as the list generation process is automatic.