Create a Quote from the Home Page Dashboard

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Create professional looking quotes to send directly to your Infusionsoft contacts. Customers can easily accept your quote by clicking the ‘Accept Quote’ button, and your quotes can be quickly converted into a payable invoice with the click of the ‘Convert to invoice’ button. Track the status of all of your quotes in one place and get notified when your quote is accepted so you can plan your work. The quotes feature can be found under the ‘Money’ tab, along with invoicing.

For the Quote FAQ click here

Create a Quote by going to:

  1. "Money" from the left navigation

  2. Click "Quotes" tab

  3. Followed by "New quote"

  4. To assign a contact click "Choose contact" and either:
    1. Search for a contact
    2. Create a contact to assign to the quote (Optional)

  5. Adjust the quote date by clicking the date and selecting from a date picker (Optional)

  6. Click "Add line item" to either:

    1. Select a product or service
    2. Add a product or service

  7. Add Notes and Terms by typing in the notes and terms section of the quote

  8. Once the quote has been sent under "More Actions" a "Copy link to quote" will be available

  9. Clicking "Copy link to quote" will automatically copy the link to the quote that you can paste in an email or text message of your choosing.

  10. If quote is not sent, it will enter "draft" status

  11. Click "Next

  12. You will be taken to an email builder where you can personalize the email before sending

  13. Once "Save & Send" is clicked a confirmation modal will pop-up

  14. The status of the quote will change to "Sent"

  15. Your Quote will be sent via email to selected contact:

    Your Customers View

    Your Customers View

  16. The status will change to the "Viewed" status when the quote is viewed

  17. If quote has been accepted, it will enter "Accepted" status

    Your Customers View

  18. Once your customer accepts your quote you will receive a notification email

  19. Clicking "Convert to invoice" to create an invoice. Click here to find out more on how to get your invoices paid. 

    The status of the Quote will change to "Invoiced" status

Pro Tip! You can convert a quote to an invoice at any time regardless of your customer clicking "Accept Quote" button. When a quote is converted to invoice without the customer clicking "Accept Quote" the status will be "Invoiced"

Mobile Browser

Quotes are now even easier to use on the go. Create them anywhere, send them directly from your mobile device, and get paid fast. 

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